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To better understand what internet radio services are, it important that we get an idea of the Indian radio station and how they function. A Radio station, like most of us believe, isn’t a place as in railway station. It is more of like the word station in play station. Yeah, a radio station is a set of equipment that is necessary to carry out the communication process. However, radio station also requires a small place in which it is installed. So what are internet radio services? How do they function?

Internet Radio Services

Internet Radio Services:

The idea of internet radio is growing very popular in India. Internet Radio is also known as e-radio, web radio, net radio and so on. These internet radio services contain the streaming media which allows the listeners to listen to music without any interruption. It typically works like a radio, you can listen to the songs, but you cannot pause them or replay them. Now with apps like Google Play, you can save a set of songs that are played on a station or buy them for a price again. The limit set by Google Play Music is 50000 songs. Songs are also listed properly under different genre enabling the user to pick a song of his taste and listen to it. This is what exactly an internet radio does. Here are some of best internet radio services in India.

Top 5 internet radio services in India:


If you are looking for an online radio service, SHOUTcast is one of the best places, to begin with. SHOUTcast has more than 40000 play stations. The songs on the radio station are arranged as per their genre.  All of the music players today come with SHOUTcast. However, if you do not find it in your music player, then you can also find this on the online website.

Mundu Radio:

Mundu Radio is a mobile-friendly website, which is the best part of this app. The best thing about the gadgets today is that they are designed to accommodate almost all the needs of the people. Since Mundu Radio can be played on mobile phones people are finding it very simple and a nice place to visit in case you need a lot of music. is not just a radio station. It is also a place where you can discover music and play them as per your desire. Again you are going to love because they are mobile-friendly internet services. Just pick your tablet, use it to listen to the songs played on the online radio. is now a paid-only service, and there are still people who love to stick to the


Bellyup4Blues is a name that came after the type of genre they decided to play. Unlike the other stations and services that have songs categorized under all genres, Bellyup4Blues isn’t like that the others. Bellyup4Blues exclusively plays only Blues and Black. This radio station is commercially free.


RadioParadise is complete fun. You can play alternative music with this app. You can simply play music all day long without any interruption. The radio station is called as eclectic recently. There are also slideshows that keep appearing according to the music that comes on the screen, and the screen is customisable.