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Unlike the yesteryear where the job of an RJ was much restricted to playing the favorite songs of the listeners, today the role of a radio jockey has become much more versatile. He has a lot more to do than the job of stacking CDs and playing music. The change happened when the radio went into private hands. With the rising competition, people had to do a lot and be more creative to win people hearts. Today the competition has risen to yet another level. Now there are no more authentic radios. Here and there we have people listening to radios in cars and other vehicles. Despite the concept of radios getting to the stage of obsolescence, radio jockeys will not lose their stand in the society. This is because a creative mind can survive anywhere and media is filled with a lot of opportunities.

Dhvanit Thaker

Qualities of a good Radio Jockey:

In case if you are looking forward to becoming a radio jockey in the future these are the few things that you ought to remember:

  • Communication is the king here. Irrespective of the language you talk it is important that you have flawless fluency and dominance.
  • Listeners know only your voice, and it is important that you give it a beautiful shape. Your voice describes you as a person and what you are capable of.
  • A radio jockey is not allowed to stammer and has to be highly interactive.
  • Presence of mind is one weapon that he should carry every single time he gets into the cabin to interact with the public.
  • He has to be warm, friendly and spontaneous.
  • Commercially speaking, the show has to earn more public ratings in order for the show to exist.

Dhvanit Thaker:

It would be extremely unfair if we do not quote an example of a radio jockey who is just as good as we expect. There are a lot of creative and successful radio jockeys in the field. However, this one person has won the hearts of Indians especially the Gujaratis, in a large scale. The cat is almost out of the bag. It is none but our very own Gujarati RJ Dhvanit Thaker.

He has stolen the hearts of multitudes with his amazing voice, impeccable language and indomitable presence of mind. Dhvanit is not only a radio personality but also a singer and an actor. He began his career as an LIC agent and rose to the position wherever he is today. He debuted as an actor in the year 2017 in a Gujarati film called Vitamin She which became a commercial hit film.

RJ Dhvanit works in Radio Mirchi 93.8 FM. He is a commercially successful radio jockey. He won the best radio jockey (Gujarat) and his show also bagged the best show award in the IRFA Indian Radio Forum Awards in the years 2009, 2010 and 2015.